From inception in 2011, Knox House Trust has quickly established itself as a leading Trust and Corporate Service Provider, delivering efficient and effective fiduciary solutions.

Our rapidly growing client base is global and diverse.  As such we have developed extensive knowledge and proven expertise in the provision of multi-jurisdictional solutions for a wide range of international structures.

Business transcends borders, and so too does our network of trusted partners and advisers including the collective strength of the wider Knox group of companies.

From our Isle of Man headquarters we are able to deliver structures in a range of international jurisdictions which include but are not limited to: UK, Channel Islands, Ireland, Malta, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Cyprus, BVI and Dubai.

Isle of Man

Our Isle of Man team enjoy close working relations with our clients and their advisers, and pride themselves on delivering a professional, reliable and personal service.

The Isle of Man is a respected and leading international financial centre. Its strong reputation is drawn from political stability and a firmly established fiscal and regulatory environment. With an Aa2 sovereign rating from Moody’s, it has been recognised by the IMF as a well-regulated offshore Finance Centre of excellence.

Part of the Island’s overall success story is the close working relations between the public and private sector, which has played a pivotal role in enabling the Isle of Man to diversify its economy and develop new sectors which include:

  • Fiduciary services
  • Wealth Management
  • Yachting & Aviation Services
  • e-Business
  • e-Gaming
  • Manufacturing
  • Film
  • Space exploration and support activities
The Isle of Man

Key Advantages of the Isle of Man:

  • Clear & simple tax regime
  • Pragmatic but responsive regulatory environment
  • OECD ‘white-listed’ jurisdiction for transparency
  • World-class telecoms network
  • Easily accessible with direct links to the UK & Europe

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Our team offer a wealth of experience and expertise in assisting clients with the choice of jurisdiction depending upon their individual requirements.

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