A professionally run Family Office can assist individuals and their families, who have built up significant wealth to successfully avoid a depletion of their assets by punitive taxation measures, personal or business disputes, or incompetent governance.

As an experienced multi-family office, we work closely with our clients to ensure that we clearly understand their needs and align our activities to their goals. Knox House Trust is independent, which enables us to support the family and act in their best interests. Our clients benefit from economies of scale that our team, and the wider Knox group of companies, can offer. Undertaking this approach, we can offer a tailored service and enhance and protect the family’s wealth for future generations to come.

No two families are the same and so our Family Office Service is as unique as our clients.

Family Office Services

The Family Office team will provide a single interface between the family and all its affairs. Their activities will encompass: supervising and managing the family’s assets and overseeing arrangements relating to financial and property investments; liaising on legal affairs and managing tax compliance. In all matters, the family office will ensure that the family’s financial, personal and philanthropic objectives are actioned within strict protocols, reflecting the needs, aspirations and concerns of family members.

Family Office Audit

A Family Office client may benefit from a review for various reasons. They may be considering moving their head office or setting up in a new location. They may have received poor advice from a third party and need to resolve latent issues. Their existing arrangement may have relied on key personnel who have moved on and the client requires specific guidance. A review can provide the client with peace of mind that their existing arrangement is running smoothly.

Concierge Services

We have our roots firmly embedded in the family office service industry and, as such, have built up an international network of contacts. This, together with our experience of working to exacting requirements, enables Knox House Trust to offer a wide and varied range of concierge services to support our clients.

Family Office Consultancy

Our service can supplement an in-house team that finds a particular issue or project challenging. We have a number of family office experts who can work with the client family office team across a number of sectors, skill sets and locations. The obvious advantage of this, is that family office clients are working with people who understand the family office environment and the particular pressures and sensitivities that comes with this.

Why Choose KHT?

  • Clients at the centre of everything we do
  • Wealth of experience, understanding and technical knowledge
  • We nurture long term relations with clients and advisers
  • Collective strength and expertise of the wider Knox group of companies

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