The Isle of Man will be a very familiar name to racing enthusiasts from around the globe who make the annual pilgrimage to the Island each year for the infamous road racing TT festival. But over the past 10 years it has also built up a strong reputation for its Aviation business, and in particular the success of the award winning Isle of Man Aircraft Registry which has just celebrated its 10th Anniversary.

With its own distinct “M” registration identity (the letter “M” followed by a hyphen and 4 characters) and over 930 private and business aircraft registered to date, the registry which was recently named in the 2017 World Commerce Review awards as the “Best Global Aircraft Registry” continues to go from strength to strength – even in today’s challenging financial climate.

So why do business in the Isle of Man?

Part of the Island’s overall success story is the close working relations between the public and private sector, something which has played a strong part in enabling the Isle of Man to diversify its economy and help to mitigate the impact of the global financial crisis. New and exciting sectors which have been introduced and continue to attract global business to the Island include; Aerospace; Manufacturing; Clean Tech & Energy; e-Business and e-Gaming.

In addition to the thriving success of the Aircraft Registry, the Island also performs well on the maritime front, boasting 70 of the worlds’ most exclusive and expensive Superyachts on its commercial yacht register.

Still need convincing?

  • Clear & simple tax regime
  • Pragmatic but responsive regulatory environment
  • OECD “white-listed” jurisdiction for transparency
  • World-class telecoms network
  • Easily accessible with direct links to the UK & Europe

Attractive alternative – So what is driving the booming business to the Isle of Man’s M-Register?

We believe the success of the register is that it offers an attractive alternative to the traditional ones. With a customer focused approach, the register is one of a growing number in Europe entirely focused on the registration of corporate aircraft and therefore can provide a more tailored service.

The provision of customer excellence coupled with the highest regulatory standards ensures that interest is received from all over the world as the reputation of the M-Register continues to reach far and wide, and it is expected to reach its 1,000 registration by the end of 2017.

Benefits of registering your aircraft in the Isle of Man:

  • High regulatory standards and quality international reputation for safety and service
  • Flexibility; unlike similar registers, your unique M-registration can be transferred to future new aircraft
  • Clear and concise tax regime
  • Neutral nationality registration prefix
  • Secure Mortgage Register
  • A “can do” and “proactive” attitude

What to do next?

The collaborative working approach which has been cultivated between the Islands’ public and private sectors has enabled businesses such as Knox House Marine & Aviation to develop specialist in-house aviation skills and knowledge, which offer owners of private and corporate aircraft a comprehensive range of ownership solutions including aircraft registration.

Like the registry we put our clients at the centre of everything we do, and pride ourselves on delivering bespoke solutions tailored to meet the individual needs of each and every client so we can assist with every aspect of a privately operated aircraft’s lifecycle.

Why not personalize your “M” Registered aircraft today; the possibilities within the Isle of Man are M-ANY!

Come and meet our team at EBACE 2017 in Geneva to learn more about the benefits of M-Registration for you or your clients.