Posted On: 24 Oct 2017

Knox House Trust provides a service that is second to none, particularly for those wishing to expand a portfolio of investments. From the initial advice given at the outset to the ongoing administration service provided by Becca, I feel totally confident in their ability to execute anything one needs. They have a very hands-on approach to completing tasks and always have an eye out to investigate further options to create greater efficiencies for their clients.

I find I need them more and more in my daily life as the more assets deployed, the more work there is to organise and report on – something I couldn’t manage by myself. I feel fortunate to have found them in the first place, and now attached I will not be letting go as they keep my financial and investment affairs in order and I have complete trust in them – to the point that it is my intention to make this relationship inter-generational!

Client Testimonial