Anthony Page Published in UK Budget Feature

Posted On: 09 Apr 2020

Perhaps with the change of working and living conditions suddenly imposed upon us, you may find yourself with a little more time to read or re-discover a past hobby.  Whatever inspires you, we hope you remain safe and well.

We are delighted here to share news of our very own Anthony Page (Director – Family Office) who was recently published in the April issue of Portfolio Business Magazine.  Anthony has been a valued contributor to this publication for several years, regularly offering his insights and expertise on a range of topics including their special feature topics. In this latest issue, he contributes to their UK Budget special feature, which includes insights from leading Isle of Man business professionals.

You won’t be alone in possibly having let the UK Budget pass you by, but written at the time of the coronavirus outbreak, Anthony shares relevant insights with regards to the potential impact the proposed measures hold for the Island’s economy and the opportunities that may exist.

Like most businesses, the pandemic has meant changes to ways of doing business, and for media publishers they are also taking measures to adapt, opting instead for full online distribution instead of print. Plus many are also using the time to offer support to businesses, which in the case of Portfolio, includes them actively seeking content (for free) which will help to support the Island’s business community and reaffirm to the wider world that like KHT, the Isle of Man remains open for business!

Turn to page 37 to read his article here.

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